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The Yangzhou State Guesthouse (Yangzhou Yingbinguan) is near the West Lake Scenic Area,  and overlooks Willow-lined Causeway,  Xu Garden and the Pavilion of Mist and Rain. From the hotel,  guests can drive to the railway station in 20 minutes.
Guests dining in at the hotel can choose between the local specialties and international cuisines available on-site.

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住客评论 3631条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
    Very close to the Lake, and parents to visit, says the environment is very good to be back
  • e01969194
    Very satisfied
  • manna729
    Which is very nice
  • gjw0345
    Very nice room, when you can order here
  • arielxcy
    Hotel covers an area of, and as a large park. take a walk inside after eating very comfortable. with the slender West Lake Park across the Lake, the environment did not pick. Hotel is equipped with a battery, and conveniences. Room was good, bedding was clean.
  • yeye_lin
    Slender West Lake, nice, room service needs to be improved
  • wellyyee
    Very good hotel, the front desk and concierge were very polite, especially to other floors in the hotel have car battery transfer, and special and attentive service, hotel color is very good, restaurant dishes very well, now there's a sale, superb, very good experience, next time you come to Yangzhou will stay.
  • rong30
    Hotel facilities, room air conditioner useless, far from five-star standard, I really do not know how so much praise in reviews
  • bigmonster
    Reception national leaders of exclusive hotel. door see with good, whole hotel garden is big environment also good, close to thin Lake. but room on relative into old many, wardrobe has mold taste, wash supplies are is kitchen, children no dedicated of children supplies, toilet no garbage barrels, WiFi signal not strong. compared good of is swimming water is hot, next of two small pool more hot, are caught up with spa? water has, refrigerator beverage cheap, canned carbonate beverage only 5 block.
  • e00114842
    That's great, is the best of these days travel hotels
  • baobao1470
    Hotel in a beautiful environment, service is very attentive, prepared to parent-child room, baby love, Oh, thank you!
  • Jiafan
    Garden type hotel, environment special beauty, air special good, is door of waiter is unlikely to enthusiasm, also not help took luggage, see we car stopped to, he to inside go has, cleaning aunt service is good. interest round of breakfast General like, has may I himself of reasons, not like eat this snack. but people many, due to we six people, row has for more than a hours, waiter also not reasonable of arrangements about, let we endless of, down, somewhat no language.
  • dancecrow
    Garden-style hotel just on the edge of Lake. available at the ride bikes? roaming Yangzhou, very comfortable!
  • E03664767
    Good location, connected to the hotel and the Lake hotel is walking very well, and again, especially the great vacation here in the usually busy ... Oh, 8th floor next to the tea house is good, should experience it.
  • citycruser
    All right
  • cylia0808
    Live on the eighth floor, facilities were a little old, bed a little taste, children are particularly suitable for staying here, there is a park, the scenery is beautiful, morning tea and lunch can solve any dinner, walk to Lake, is close to the HongQiao square, staying here is a real holiday.
  • lilybunnyt
    Great!-Park Hotel, also for the first time, can become attractions haha
  • buding
    Very good, quiet, just beside the slender West Lake
  • AvisYUEN
    Well, live on the 8th floor, Yangzhou was also sending snacks during the holidays, really good, and part of the Lake periphery in the hotel yard, four Lou is also within the hotel, saw interest in Park reservation in four rain dining upstairs, thinking that ye year of Emperor Qianlong in the upstairs view of the Lake. stay here next time you come to Yangzhou
  • cooldora
    Second stay, very comfortable, the surrounding commercial facilities are also more, eating easy
  • lemoncat
    Unfortunately rooms without computers; outdoor scenery is super good, but room mosquito!
    Very very good
  • aiolus
    Environment absolutely first-class, live there can not go to the Lake! hot springs swimming pool absolutely by the elderly and children welcome!
  • Clorisbaby
    Elegant atmosphere, attentive service, very much is the autumn, the sweet osmanthus is fragrance is everywhere, relaxed and happy
  • leilago
    Well, relatively quiet, the service is also very good.
  • d03288218
    Nice fruits, from the Lake near was a little expensive
  • percy_1019
    Rooms are spacious and clean, subsidiary of restaurant dishes delicious, only toilets clean in the lobby needs to be strengthened
  • rilido
    Very recommended!
  • sunwel888
    Hotel is very good, it is worth
  • fyyaxy
    To Yangzhou on live Yangzhou Guest House's, in this history long of city, live in this history long of five-star hotel most comfortable of is has this city culture of taste, to Yangzhou tourism is to pursuit modern did? hotel facilities although not latest most top of but also is standard has, environment of comfortable is other to can't of, service great, see personal of luck's, should not has big problem. like Yangzhou is because live in Guest House!
  • alcadoalcado
    Hotel was very clean, convenient to the slender West Lake mainly, restaurant food was good and cheap and delicious.
  • imliyirong
    Good good good!
  • jj8221
    Hotel location very superior, itself on in scenic within, each building floor the has features, most like of is swimming pool's, water temperature moderate, water clear, people also not more, locker room also has towel, slippers, management very human, next to on live 3rd, floor, swimming convenient. also has is Hotel in the restaurant 7 eat 8 's Sun restaurant, food material fresh, environment quiet, waiter trained, stay guest also can playing 80 percent, price is high, recommended! General for, is a very designedHotel industry.
  • fang201218
    Stay clean, good service, swimming pools clean, constant temperature comfortable, great
  • billcen
    Service attitude very good, front desk, welcome bin, Chinese Office, swimming pool, are to praise a! Qin Fong Park room enough big, facilities does some old has, wall Shang has leaking of watermark, carpet also not is clean, but details is thoughtful also distribution has vertical Sun hanger, fruit, sent has Baby Slippers toothbrush, hotel environment is Rod, battery car call. eight o'clock in the morning to interest Park drink tea, has is long also didn't seat, last had to to near of HongQiao square foraging, compared regrets.
  • Gavinwang
    Environment is very good indeed. Lake near South Gate, battery car took us to the South near the door of the hotel. the rooms at the hotel take the initiative to upgrade our room, the room was big.
  • angeljyp
    Good hotel near the Lake is great garden staff attitude good pool is deep I can't swim the waters foam very comfortable rooms are not large but clean night mosquitoes make good housekeeping delivered a mosquito net bed
  • LesleyLei
    The five-star, condition, good location, Lake just a few steps, the hotel itself environment is also very good!
  • ba10by14
    Hotel location very good, is thin Lake of part, just across River across just, but itself hotel is good of attractions, weekend to hotel launched free garden is Rod, a hours of time tells has hotel of history and anecdotes, explained of also very rod, I think compared casually around thin Lake, more interesting, room slightly small has points but also is decent, is Hotel inside eat tea of interest Park, personal feel General like, taste general price also your, notAs hotel outside of ye spring. but in interest Park Road opposite has a song clip city sports park is a good of place, recommends staying Guest House of guest has time can to around, not received tickets of, inside has riding line, walk, running three a road separate, followed marked from beginning to end, through bamboo, forest and trestle, air fresh, along landscape charming, very interesting of.
  • jiajia8888
    Hotel is part of the slender West Lake scenic spot, a large, beautiful, service, and hardware facilities to meet five-star standards, service standard equipment but mostly tasteful, comfortable enough. Front of tours, tour buses, is convenient to go outside. the hotel also has its own interesting garden tea house, don't ye spring to deliberately run to eat dim sum. overall is a very good hotel!
  • MiYin
    High performance-price ratio
  • genius
    Very good. live in the garden. convenient, close to the Lake.
  • dtc002
    Hotel excellent service, facilities, beautiful environment, is a good place for leisure
  • ni_yun
    This hotel is classic, actually is thin Lake attractions of part, accounted for to area is big, old-fashioned luxury hotel of representative, service is in place, attitude sincere, service thoughtful. battery can sent you to hotel of any place. interest Park of breakfast good, many Yangzhou local old Koehler to to here eat tea of, recommends early 8 o'clock to, late has to, bit. eat good tea, thin Lake Pan pocket a circle, is comfortable. because to have early (11 o'clock in the morning), to free upgrade to Lake King roomVery ... Anyway my mom very happy, going to play for a few days next spring.
  • samyuanjie
    Is very concerned about places, great style and charm.
  • climb
    Very good hotel! there is a large garden, next to the Lake, accessible. praise the palace garden tea!
  • mmeow
    A very good environment
  • giftedbird
    Very good, nice environment good. living comfort
  • xmgl0
    Very good hotel, guest rooms are very good. Hotel Huaiyang cuisine was authentic. interesting garden tea. next go to
  • iloolooo
    Great hotel, itself like a small garden, sons are not willing to go out and play, hot springs swimming pool and has a baby play with children's swimming area, especially for parent-child play, special thanks to the hotel's services, preparing for baby toys and rocking horse, next to the Yangzhou still live here!