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Yangzhou State Guesthouse is located on the south side of the intersection of Slender West Lake Road and Changchun Road on the quiet side of Slender West Lake. It is within walking distance to the bustling Wenchang Pavilion and Hongqiaofang Commercial Circle. It is about 20 minutes drive from the railway station and Runyang Bridge; and Slender West Lake Park Xu Yuan, Fourth Bridge Yanyu Building, and Changdi Spring Willow face each other across the water.

There are hundreds of acres of lawn in the hotel garden. The main building is five villas and four comprehensive buildings. There are more than 300 rooms (sets) of different types of rooms. The combination of modern and classic makes the rooms look elegant and contemporary.

Hotel Hongqiaofang Conference Center has 11 conference rooms with different styles and complete facilities, which can accommodate conference tables ranging from 15 to 1,000 people. The table shape and flexible interval of the conference area can meet your different needs.

The hotel has 16 theme restaurants of various colors, with more than 3,000 dining seats. 14 exquisite boxes, named 'Fun', are located on the shore of the beautiful Slender West Lake. 7 Eat 8 Bar Sunshine Restaurant focuses on fashionable Huaiyang cuisine, innovative Sichuan cuisine, home-made beer, and outdoor BBQ. The restaurant's style is fresh and fashionable, and it is tailor-made for customers who like food and pursue quality.

Hotel also has facilities such as Lanpu Tea House, Karaoke Room, Gymnasium, SPA, Hot Spring Swimming Pool, Foot Bath, Welcome Paintings, etc., which can allow you to relax better after tiring business activities.
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FAQs when booking at Yangzhou State Guesthouse
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Yangzhou State Guesthouse?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Yangzhou State Guesthouse.

  • Does Yangzhou State Guesthouse have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Yangzhou State Guesthouse have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Yangzhou State Guesthouse offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Yangzhou State Guesthouse accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Yangzhou State Guesthouse accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Yangzhou State Guesthouse?

    Each costs cny98 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Yangzhou State Guesthouse?

    The room prices is from cny474, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • e02323018
    Hotel in a beautiful environment and service in place, connected with the slender West Lake scenic spot. recommended. the only fly in the ointment is the hotel's buffet; what little is said, and has not served in less than 8 o'clock. it is not flattery.
  • l270879087
    Hotel is on the Lake side, location and surroundings are very well, hospital pavilions and lush, air is very good! but the rooms are not very big and our services are not fully reach the level of five-star (by a high standard). but next time to also consider staying in Yangzhou
  • e04652209
    Hotel space is very large, and is next to the Lake, very convenient to visit! hotel parking free of charge! great! next time in Yangzhou is to come back here, anyway!
  • finaltony
    Location and Nice, the facility is slightly older!
  • Anging
    Was satisfied with the location, environment and facilities did not have to say, but there is a little expensive
  • paggy2008
    Well ... is the right choice
  • e03327838
    Is good, environment beauty, service good, travel convenient. free upgrade has, although is a floor, but no mosquito, baby urine wet has sheets, waiter immediately for new of, service level high. pool is comfortable, has size 3 a swimming pool, can put baby put in small swimming pool in play, also with massage surf does, is comfortable. swimming pool of towel are is hot of, is warm. walk 5 minutes on to HongQiao square, inside of shop very good, solution breakfast not problem. next also will staying of!
  • andyyjy
  • finacc
    Good location and environment, although it is a bit old, but overall satisfying.
  • jnanlli296
    Environments like private space of the Park as a whole is very good, is the carpets in the room a little bit old, facilities somewhat lacking compared to domestic standard of four star standard star,
  • du282760471
    That's good
  • allanxie
    Room was a bit damp-
  • ALI123456
    How do you say, this is the first time a guest house, a five-star, fully is the name! coffee milk tanks and even on the breakfast table, but no coffee spoon! with fried egg without pepper and salt shakers, waiter, at my request went to the kitchen and made ... Steamed stuffed bun, like to try, only vinegar bottles in the restaurant as a whole fried eggs Cook for me! today great! guest parsley, Cook immediately broken hand put it in later. which forget the every day is paid date Manager hiredCatering manager not forget paid every day date, even a coffee spoon of pepper and the like are waiter forgot to remind those who chat. This doesn't hold, you yourself took off 2 stars!
  • awwww
    Environment is very good
  • xiaotao03
    Garden Hotel, excellent location with Lake near travel convenient service in place at home will be admitted to recommend 5 stars
  • ganson
    Friend, his grandmother (90 years old) MOM and dad (80), uncle (60), holiday, happy. water flowing under the little bridge and attractions very close. send app I want to see him go.
  • sslam9736
    Very nice hotel, upgrade to the 9th floor, on the tall, to Yangzhou preferred
  • xmliuyl
    Surrounding environment and for pleasure, the taste of the State-run hotel, like it or not vary.
  • cerebra
    Really very close to Lake
  • anonycus
    A five-star hotel in very good. transportation is convenient, near the Lake, covers a very large area of the hotel, a very good environment. rooms are clean, like cleaning up 2. pool is the atmosphere, the water is clear, the water temperature 32 degrees, comfortable and pleasant. Nice. family and friends are very satisfied!
  • leeflee
    Room is quite big and very clean, no air conditioning but very hot.
  • diana0123
    Service is good, hotel is beautiful ... next time you stay.
    Service very good! and convenient transportation, clean!
  • lisa_a
    It's OK.
  • LS Feng
    Location was good, staff were very friendly and upgrade to a suite, kids love. may holidays, pool more people at room temperature, there are many children learning to swim ... but next time will still be living here.
  • ddyxy
    Live very comfortable, next to Yangzhou, will continue to live here.
  • candypig78
    Hotels in scenic locations, convenient, quiet, facilities slightly stale, service attitude is good, but called the low success rate, 4 times, once, superb service standards.
  • e02268955
    Hotel itself is part of the Lake, if not separated from the lake water adds across the artificial, distance to the Lake is less than 2 minutes. advantages of garden-style hotel environment there are marketplace atmosphere elegant. service was very good. Inadequate 1. facilities from five-star also has a larger distance door rough not soundproof, shower is leaking, wet on the ground. 2. the Guest House but in reality is here, moving the black fleet, security in black color, and seeing my husband and twoFree to no thing mess shopping garden of people, black clothing security also alert of came asked had, although manners has ceremony, but does atmosphere suppressed. Hotel because has 'task', pool close number day not to live guest; staying Shi front desk also alert of asked second days when check out, said has 'task' hotel to foreign 'closed Museum', cannot continued live, also should not be stay. anyway, if knows himself not Ambassador, best caution selected here, so as not to plain shelter has family of quiet, also embarrassed hasThey want casual mood ... ...
  • sunanyong
    Beautiful environment, friendly, good experience, very good
  • ccccciu
    Good hotel, good location, room facility slightly old, nice
  • tccmyf
    Nice, the surrounding environment and facilities are OK, the price a little expensive, generally praised.
  • cxm_327
    ! Bad! will stay next time!
  • giftedbird
    Very good, nice environment good. living comfort
  • cndingyi
    A very good environment and facilities are also available, but noise is not flattered by poor. when the people next door called say can be heard very clearly, night is sleeping by the people next door snore at night, I'm sorry. Would like to talk about is the breakfast staff work constantly gossiping, loud annoying. dish of steamed bread pot lid was opened, cool delicious? three small bags of dry good? I put the lid back on againTo open it, really don't know whose brain is thinking. it is the first time I saw the hotel staff did.
  • BB Pearl
    Landscape design, the environment is very good, recommended
  • ceicile419
    Single room was upgraded, fast heart. yet another set of rooms, room home prices did not give a clear explanation, causing guests to understand the error, have some unpleasant and the five-star quality. but Objectivism, hotel environment, hardware, and location are good!
  • e02178779
    As always, good, old hotels, garden style
  • d_jingle
    Rooms are clean, garden-style hotel, very pleasant,
  • iamvivipig
    very good.
  • bin3pl
    Hotel very nice, the room was large, swimming pool and other facilities are very good, services and recommend everyone to Yangzhou, Yangzhou State Guesthouse
  • lamerliu
    Which is very nice
  • e04292559
    Hotel in very good location, tourist bus, tourist lines in front of the hotel. Next to HongQiao square shopping district, Lake. Several famous tea house is walking distance. Good hotel, a walk in the garden-pattern of the hotel is excellent. There is a swimming pool, bike rental, travel to Yangzhou points. Best hotel's interesting garden teahouse, snacks are delicious, but also many. A morning line of more than 10, 20, and I was scared. If there is a better mechanism to let guests eat breakfast, perfect. Hoot and the meaning of early morning tea, next time I will come again.
  • JC0915
    Very good hotel, just on the edge of the Lake, trees, patchwork, living very comfortable. right next to the commercial centre, HongQiao square, hanging out in bars is very convenient while you eat. next time you go to Yangzhou will still live here.
  • m02138372
    Very good hotel, the environment quite well. However, during the construction, some of
  • su1983
    Always select hotels, easy to drink, nice quiet hotel.
  • BrandonW
    The external environment of the hotel, just outside a construction vehicle to drive in and out. the internal environment of the hotel good facilities is not backward.
  • Jeamstam
    Hotel location very good, away from thin Lake is near, and out door right turned on has tourism line station, almost all attractions are to, 5 Yuan money of Red coach can in one days within times ride, very convenient. hotel facilities is good, although not special new, but complete and is clean, gym and warm water pool, massage pool is good, water temperature comfortable, and people not more, children play of is happy. interest Park teahouse of 0 points tea people many,, has is long is bit, taste OK. In 3rd, floor a layer of 0 points restaurant eat has once dinner, taste can, price slightly your, price General. out hotel Road opposite has a Royal Park food city, tea affordable, can a try. hotel rooms service very good, each late are sent fruit, special thanks floors waiter small Deng and Li Ximei, according to I of body status deliberately sent to has brown sugar ginger tea, very moved. consider to we out play may is tired, also respectively sent to bubble basin and drug, and shoulder byMotorcycle device, let people feel intimate and warm. hotel also sale thin Lake, what Park and a park, attractions of discount tickets, very convenient. can rental hotel for live guest provides of 10 Yuan/hours of parent-child bike, in yard in tour, appreciate beauty. hotel of garden environment very rod, trees-lined, rockery fountain, small bridge water, winding streets, especially 9th, floor near. anyway, Yangzhou of line we in guest house live of very satisfaction, very recommended!
  • borna_ji
    Nice, on your way to visit Yangzhou in the misty month of flowers! awesome! March again! still live here!
  • Aidan
    Provides a WAN Fang Yuan Qin Fang Yuan, and two different room types, the environment elegant, friends are very satisfactory, is recommended.
  • Angela XI
    Yes, very clean